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Chartered Real Estate Broker Shereen Awwad has been practicing real estate since 2002 in the residential and revenue properties sector. Passionate about customer service, her clients often describe her as detail-oriented and proactive. Shereen’s real estate journey began with her Affiliated Real Estate Agent Permit until she finally obtained her Chartered Real Estate Broker permit.

Having your best interests at heart, Shereen will help you set a fair and competitive selling price for your home while increasing your odds of a quick sale. By interacting with potential buyers and eliminating those that have no intention of making an offer, Shereen will help tone down the emotion of the process and ensure a flawless transaction.

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It is essential for me to always remain honest and transparent with my clients.

Whether you are selling or buying a property, I will give you my expert advice at every stage of the transaction. Also, my large network of professionals can cover all of your needs (inspection, mortgage approval, certificate of location, etc.)

I value each of my clients’ satisfaction while ensuring a hassle-free real estate transaction.

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